Robotic Massage Chairs

Robotic Massage ChairsMost people are quite familiar with the massage chairs. Whenever you approach the market or some mall for shopping you always find a shop with these types of mechanical supports. When we look at a massage chair, it is just impossible to experience the magic sustained in it with just vision. There are many advanced techniques and automatic systems equipped in these types of mechanical supports that provide relaxation to our mind and body. Let’s discuss about massage chairs in detail.

All massage chairs are integrated with accessing options like remote control features. This remote control system is typically connected via wires to the recliner. Many functions buttons along with a LCD is incorporated in it to exhibit the current operations.

Robotic Massage chair is available in both automatic massage techniques and manual. The automatic massage techniques combines with all pre-programmed customized instructions incorporated in the chair’s hardware program which is accordingly designed and loaded in the system as per the overall structure of your body. Manual massages and some individual practices can be exercised to provide relief to particular areas of your body.

Numerous roller mechanisms are integrated inside the system in order to relax the shoulders, back or neck areas. These roller mechanisms are equipped with two, four and six rollers. Each roller is quite helpful in the stretching and elongating the muscle tissues.

Roller designs perform their action with a main focus to imitate various categories of massage movements.  Back rollers of the chairs can perform the functions like kneading, rolling, tapping and some combine functions of tapping and kneading. This facilitates with multiple manual massage techniques.

Some roller functions are compatible to move in two dimensions; more advanced rollers can move in three dimensions also. Rather than just massaging your back by following up and down motions, it penetrates deeper inside the back to provide more relief. Being incorporated with various advanced techniques, it can determine the position and direction of the chair. One such advanced sensor is body position sensor which can easily detect when you sit down on the chair and at what location. It feeds this information automatically into the computer, which commands the rollers to function in which position and style.

The most famous function of massage chairs is Air Compression System. This system uses a pump and a multiple solenoid valves to switch the air to various bags throughout the chair. Air bag automatically takes the shape of the muscles and start massaging the body parts as per their size accordingly. Along with air bag massage, stretching system is also incorporated in the chair which performs in conjunction with the air compression system. The air system escalates to hold the body parts and at the same time other parts of the chair work to stretch the upper or lower body.

Music is a very sensible way to relax the body and massage chair is equipped with headphones to facilitate you more while massaging. These advanced robotic massage chair is a category of technology integrated furniture which is available atyour nearest furniture stores. Here, you will be able to find all these types of chairs in a huge variety.

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